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SABMiller To Develop Beers For Wine & Spirits Drinkers. Yuck

on 20/02/14 at 12:59 pm


imagesSABMiller is developing beers to attract wine and spirits drinkers as it looks to counter similar innovation drives from rival brewers AB InBev and Heineken to introduce new beer styles.

The word’s second biggest by sales says it will launch a range of “fruitier” and “sweeter” liquids moving forward in the hopes of appealing to the growing number of discerning alcohol drinkers.

It is currently doing “extensive research” in understanding how to develop beers it can market more prominently around factors such as colour, smell and alcohol level.

Alan Clark, chief executive of SABMiller, told analysts on a conference call yesterday evening (19 February), that the focus on alternative beers aimed to counter “taste harmonisation”, wherein many lager brands end up tasting similar due to brewers attempting to maximise the appeal of their global brands.

He added: “There are many opportunities to innovate and expand beyond beer with a range of products that move from non-alcoholic, to lower-alcohol versions….and to flavoured alcoholic drinks and ciders. We have seen opportunities where we can reverse the trend of sprits and wines gaining share from beer. That’s certainly an objective for ourselves in more mature markets where we think the [beer] category has been neglected for a number of years and needs rejuvenation.

“What you will see over time is that innovation is growing in the beer world and certainly as contributor to our revenue is growing substantially over time.