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Sam Calagione Gives Beer Geeks An Earful. And It’s Awesome.

on 11/01/12 at 12:05 pm

“I have a small Op-Ed coming this week.  I don’t do Op-Eds often, but sometimes
there are  just a couple of thoughts I want to put out there.  The Op-Ed is on beer
geeks, beer drinking, & a few personal resolutions.  Sam Calagione just spelled out
part of my Op-Ed.  Insufferable beer geeks need to read this.  It’s brilliant.  He
posted it to a BeerAdvocate.com thread, where a reader spoke about over-rated breweries.  It struck a nerve with Sam.  Props, Sam.”

It’s pretty depressing to frequently visit this site and see the most negative threads among the most popular. This didn’t happen much ten years ago when craft beer had something like a 3 percent market share. Flash forward to today, and true indie craft beer now has a still-tiny but growing marketshare of just over 5 percent. Yet so many folks that post here still spend their time knocking down breweries that dare to grow. It’s like that old joke: “Nobody eats at that restaurant anymore, it’s too crowded.” Except the “restaurants” that people shit on here aren’t exactly juggernauts. In fact, aside from Boston Beer, none of them have anything even close to half of one percent marketshare. The more that retailers, distributors, and large industrial brewers consolidate the more fragile the current growth momentum of the craft segment becomes. The more often the Beer Advocate community becomes a soap box for outing breweries for daring to grow beyond its insider ranks the more it will be marginalized in the movement to support, promote, and protect independent ,American craft breweries.

FULL STORY via beerstreetjournal

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