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San Francisco Beer Week 2011 Is Upon Us

on 03/01/11 at 3:02 pm


It Builds . . . .

In the distance, in a dark cave, amidst the dust and languor, it collects itself. It recalls fuzzy memories of adventure, charisma, emotion, triumph, feats of strength. It stirs in the depths, shaking off the cobwebs and pushing aside empty steins and oaken barrels. Stepping into the sunlight, it studies the foreign terrain. Its aura pulsates, gathering energy. It is overcome with a forgotten need – is that . . . thirst? Scanning the horizon, it sets its sights on a bay surrounded by bridges and green mountains. It marches forth, thirsty and determined. It will not be denied. It is . . .

February The Eleventh through February The Twentieth

Early reconnaissance gathered from the Department of the Interior, NOAA, and WikiLeaks confirms that this large and moving mass carries with it:

An Opening Gala at Yerba Buena Cultural Center on February 11th
A Double IPA Festival at The Bistro on February 12th
Triple Fermented: Cask Beer, Cheese, and Bread at ThirstyBear Brewing Co. on February 13th
Beerunch with Mateveza and Dogfish Head at Public House re-airing Game 5 of the World Series on February 13th
A Pig Roast and Barrel-Aged Beer Tasting at Drake’s Brewing Co. with Chop Bar Restaurant on February 16th
A Barleywine Festival at The Toronado on February 19th
A Chocolate and Beer Festival at the Craneway Pavilion on February 19th

Aiding and abetting SF Beer Week 2011 are rabble rousers including the San Francisco Brewers Guild, 21st Amendment Brewery, Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant, Drake’s Brewing Co., Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant San Francisco, Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery, Social Kitchen & Brewery, Speakeasy Ales & Lagers, ThirstyBear Brewing Co., and others without whom SF Beer Week could not gain strength and sustain itself.

Reportedly, SF Beer Week has thousands of friends who share its intentions. Brace yourselves!

Rich Higgins
SF Beer Week Soothsayer

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