Save the environment: drink warm beer

on 16/01/11 at 10:11 pm


The Nova Scotia Liquor Corp. delivered a simple message in its first report on corporate sustainability this week. Save the environment: drink warm beer.

The report presents a detailed analysis of the greenhouse gas emissions that are generated in the retail sale of alcohol. Some startling facts are revealed that suggest consuming less alcohol would be great for the environment as well as our bodies.

For example, the so-called “cool zones” where chilled beer is stocked contribute 15 per cent of the retailer’s total greenhouse gas emissions. The corporation has been cutting back these emissions by using better refrigeration technology, with results equivalent to taking 34 cars off the road.

Employees also have an environmental cost attached to them, such as when they travel on the job. So a reduction in staff has further reduced the corporation’s direct emissions, along with less energy and fuel being used in its buildings.

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