Sold! Brew made with Antarctic ice goes for $1850 a bottle

on 14/12/10 at 3:57 pm


Nail Brewing owner-brewer John Stallwood claims to have made the world's most expensive beer.

It seems no price is too high when it comes to the gift of a craft brew.

You know it must be the silly season when beers are selling for $800 or more a bottle. Of course, these aren’t just any old beers but it proves certain tragics will shell out plenty to get their hands on rare brews.

In the case of Antarctic Nail Ale, it’s for a cause, with money raised from the auction sales of 30 numbered bottles going to the anti-whaling Sea Shepherd campaign. Nail owner-brewer John Stallwood also says this strictly limited-edition beer is the world’s purest, having been made with water melted from a block of Antarctic ice.

The ice was collected from a large Antarctic iceberg by Stallwood’s brother-in-law, Kevin McGinty, who is a member of Sea Shepherd’s crew. Back in port in Hobart, the ice was melted then delivered to Stallwood in Perth, where he produced a 20-litre batch of his signature Nail Ale, using a pilot brewery at Edith Cowan University. 

While the first bottle auctioned early last month went for $800, a subsequent fund-raising event in Sydney saw a second sold for $1850. Stallwood is claiming Antarctic Nail Ale as the world’s most expensive beer, having topped the price of BrewDog’s decidedly weird The End of History range.

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