Stone Brewery has Big Plans

on 04/10/10 at 6:11 pm


Steve Wagner, right, and Greg Koch lead Stone Brewing Co. of Escondido. The craft beer maker is one of the county’s fastest-growing private companies.

An American company trying to open a brewery in Europe may seem as plausible as a Siberian firm hawking fish tacos in Pacific Beach.

But it could happen.

Consider that an Italian distributor is now taking products from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. of Northern California and The Brooklyn Brewery of New York, and selling them to European customers with a taste for something different.

Now Stone Brewing Co. of Escondido, the company behind Arrogant Bastard Ale, is looking to brew its beer in Europe.

“We’re doing a small amount of export,” said Steve Wagner, president, brewmaster and co-founder of the 14-year-old company. However, he said, a trip halfway around the world can be hard on beer and ruin whatever freshness it has.

So earlier in the year Stone requested proposals from European landlords, saying it wanted a brewery property. It received responses from 10 countries spanning the continent from Bulgaria to Spain and from Italy to Scotland, said co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Greg Koch.

Now Stone Brewing is conducting due diligence on one of the sites. Koch said he has an e-mailed note from that community’s mayor. But he’s not ready to disclose the location.

{Full story via San Diego Business Journal}