Texas Swimming in beer

on 11/10/10 at 10:28 pm


The state is seeing a boom in craft brews as more players jump into an unquenched market.

Jeffrey Stuffings was a lawyer whose heart wasn’t in it. His brother, a young banker with a degree from the University of Chicago, was feeling likewise unfulfilled.

Good beer, however, was something both men cared about passionately. When they decided to stake their livelihoods on it, Michael Stuffings left the Windy City to join Jeff in Texas’ latest boom industry.

The two men taught themselves the technical details of brewing on a commercial scale and raised $500,000. They found a landowner willing to lease part of his scenic Hill Country spread for their construction project.

Michael spent evenings in the library, reading about plumbing and electrical work. For a time he lived in a tent — with “a little coffee press, and that’s about it” — so he could get started first thing every morning. Buildings started to rise, equipment was trucked in, and sweat equity was earned in the searing Texas heat.

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