Thanksgiving turkey sublime for pairing with beer

on 15/11/10 at 12:35 pm


Of course, part of the reason I love turkey so much is because it pairs so well with beer. Beer really brings out the flavors of that main course, but it also complements the many side dishes that make up the Thanksgiving feast.

Most Thanksgiving turkeys are roasted, which brings out caramel and even smoky flavors. If you glaze or brine the bird, that adds additional flavor components, and stuffing brings herbal and spicy notes to mix. That’s a tough melange of tastes to pair with just one quaff. Happily, many beers are up to the task.

The barley in beer is roasted, so it also produces caramelized flavors. Several traditional styles lean toward the malty side, and a delicate hop spicing or alcoholic strength can yield an ideal match.

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