The way camp should be. Sierra Nevada Beer Camp that is.

on 08/06/11 at 11:02 am


Beer Camp.

It just sounds awesome — kind of like summer camp but with beer.

And, instead of making clay ashtrays and going canoeing, you get to go to the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, Calif., work with a group of other beer-y people to come up with a type of beer you want to brew, and then brew it with the professional brewers.

Recently, Sierra Nevada released the Best of Beer Camp mixed 12-pack, a selection of the best four beers brewed during the past 50 beer camps.

“It is our first mixed pack ever,” said Bill Manley, communications director for Sierra Nevada. “It’s super, super labor intensive for us to do it. We don’t have the equipment to do it, so we have to hand bottle it. There’s about the equivalent of 35,000 cases.”

Beer Camp is a two-day, invitation-only program held several times a year. During the camp, the group — typically 12 at a time — will meet and decide what kind of beer they want to brew. The brewers will then come up with a recipe, and the following day the brewers and the camp attendees work together to brew the beer.

“We invited the best and the brightest of the brewing industry to come,” said Manley. “It’s kind of like Space Camp. There are brewers, distributors, store owners and consumers who come. While they are here, they make a beer. We let them come and go nuts.”

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