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The Weirdest Beers You Might Actually Want to Drink

on 05/03/11 at 2:20 pm


In the boundary-pushing world of craft beer, it can be hard to distinguish genuine brewing experiments from gimmicky marketing ploys. Take, for example, the recent news that an Aussie brewery has developed a stout that can be consumed in space. The low carbonation and concentrated flavors of 4 Pines Brewing Co.‘s new Vostok beer — named for the world’s first manned space flight, in 1961 — supposedly make it practical to drink at zero gravity. But, conveniently, you don’t have to leave the Earth’s atmosphere to get a taste. At 4 Pines’s brewpub outside Sydney, six-packs of Vostok are going for about $20 apiece. Is that good beer — or good advertising? Perhaps both. But in the interest of research, we checked out some other beer experiments that may seem, well, a little spacey. Did they work out? Decide for yourself.

The Beef Beer
To be a patriot is to have heart, but Samuel Adams might roll over in his grave if he knew what ingredient the Boston Beer Co. threw into a recent batch of his recent namesake beer. The brewery — maker of the American craft-brew staple Samuel Adams Boston Lager — teamed up last fall with celebrity chef David Burke to make “Burke in a Bottle.” The chef contributed grilled beef hearts, which got thrown into the brew along with black pepper, ginger, nutmeg, and clove. The hearty beer — made available for a limited time at Burke’s East Coast restaurants — is said to have a mineral, salty flavor, thanks to its star ingredient.

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