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This gadget makes crappy beer taste like a delicious draft pour

on 14/05/15 at 10:52 am


indexIt’s 4:15 in the afternoon, and I’m standing in a conference room in my office. I’ve had more than a few beers. My normal day is a little less Don Draper, but on this particular afternoon I’m testing out the Fizzics, a quirky little gadget that promises to improve the flavor of any beer by creating a perfect foam head with the help of a medical-grade oscillating sound pressure wave generator.

“When you’re doing a hand pour, to get a nice head on it, usually you pour straight down,” says Fizzics co-founder and CEO Philip Petracca, a beer nerd of the highest order. “That gives you some fairly large bubbles but actually uses up most of the carbonation in the body. Nucleation is the technical term. Not to mention those bubbles dissipate quickly.” The Fizzics produces small, tightly packed bubbles that last quite a while without killing off your carbonation. And because it does it with sound waves, instead of nitrogen or some other additive, it doesn’t change the flavor of the beer.

I know what you’re thinking. This sounds like the kind of corny device you would have found in a Skymall catalog (RIP). That’s true. But it also works really well! It gave a bottle of Brooklyn Lager and a can of Yuengling a creamy head that was almost like a Guinness in consistency…