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Tim Tebow beer has finally arrived!

on 15/12/11 at 11:58 am


Forget all the craft beers I’ve attempted to convince you to try. Ignore each of the interesting liquors I’ve discovered for you. There’s a new beer in town, and it has the hops of a champion. It’s Bonfire Brewery’s “Tebrew Sunday Sipper.”

Barleywine isn’t my favorite kind of beer, but I don’t think I could pass (kind of like Tebow) on a chance to try this.

Tebrew will be good for a variety of things — tolerating watching all that Tebowing; celebrating in victory or drowning the sorrow of a loss; dulling the pain of being the victim of a #tebowtipping. It will not, however, absolve you of any sins. In fact, it may cause you to commit many more.

It’s not officially sanctioned by Jesus 2.0, as of yesterday the brewery was unsure if Tebow even know about, but they are running with it. Unfortunately, unless you live near Eagle, CO, you won’t have the chance to try it. Only 5 barrels were brewed, and it’s only being served in the brewery’s tap room.

Obviously this means I won’t be able to get my hands on it, but I’m not convinced a barleywine is what I’d intercept to represent the NFL’s lord and savior. It’s a very strong and sweet beer, not at all how I would describe Tebow’s game. He seems more like a disgusting malt liquor – ugly as hell, but gets the job done.

All potshots aside, I think Tebow is awesome. And just in case you can’t make it out to Colorado for “his” beer, enjoy this remix from DJ Steve Porter instead.

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