It’s About Time. Napa Valley’s First Beer vs. Wine Throwdown

on 22/01/11 at 12:13 pm


The first part of this article can be read here but to weigh in, BoozeNews is a strong advocate for these kinds of events that inform steadfast wine drinkers that there is more to beer than Bud. Craft beer has a right-full place along with wine as a properly respected food pairing beverage. Try it, you’ll like it!

We’re back for the second, and most important part of this post, the pairings and the winner of the first ever beer vs. wine dinner in Napa Valley! If you missed yesterday’s introduction, check out Part 1 for all the details.

The Dinner

The dinner consisted of the following courses and pairings. I chose the beer pairings, and the wine pairings were chosen by Bistro Jeanty’s General Manager, Kelly Mitchell-Jacks. Mitchell-Jacks has been with Bistro Jeanty for nearly seven years, and has learned about wine on the job while working in various positions in the restaurant business in both Napa Valley and San Francisco.

{The Full Review}

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