Top 10 California Pale Ales

on 02/08/11 at 4:05 pm


American Pale Ales, arguably the most popular beer style for craft brewers, tend to range between 5-6 % alcohol by volume (abv). That makes them what some beer geeks call “sessionable,” meaning you can enjoy quite a few of them in a single sitting without a high risk of faceplanting in front of your friends. Brewed with significant quantities of American hops that differentiates our pales from their older British counterparts, the style emulates the American India Pale Ale though IPAs are higher abv and more aggressively hopped.

We’re focussing on what we know best, which are the West Coast-style pales that tend to be even hoppier and less malty than the rest of the country. We think California has the best craft breweries in the USA, so we’re going to keep our top ten pale ales list right here among Golden State brewers.

{FULL STORY via LA Weekly}

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