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Top 10 Songs in Beer Commercials

on 24/06/11 at 11:41 am


Music and beer have always complimented each other, be it making the tunes sound better or the lager taste, uh, tastier. Hence the reason why so many beer companies ditch the humorous approach in their ads and go straight for songs they believe will encourage the buyer to pick up their brand the next time they’re jonesing for a bottle of party suds. So let’s salute the best music in beer commercials. Crack open a cold one, and check out our countdown.

10. ‘Chelsea Dagger’ — The Fratellis
Even though the Fratellis are currently on indefinite hiatus after 2008’s ‘Here We Stand’ you can still capture the drunken and adventurous spirit of their music through the song ‘Chelsea Dagger‘ which appeared in this beer ad for Amstel Light. Its anthemic ‘doo-doo-doos’ coupled with the twisty nature of the Amsterdam natives makes this commercial light and frothy.
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