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TOP 30 Beer Websites – Year-To-Date 2012

on 16/04/12 at 10:02 am


SO for work I manage a large database for a massive Global Travel Company and I’m the guy that loves and cares about Data, even though the sales teams have no clue of what Data means, only when there is something wrong with their records. So this week I re-instigated my BEER WEB analysis of Time/TOP Positions and Minutes on websites.

One of the first areas I look at with data is how long  do people spend browsing and looking at content. Minutes on Websites.

This one is a curious one as I have to agree with the numbers here as people search for beer information from the larger websites, search a few pages and then basically ‘flock’ off to Porn or wheverer their attention span goes to next. It would be curious to see ‘next’ searches on some of these sites.


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