Was Brewmasters Killed by “Big Beer”?

on 02/04/11 at 11:55 am


If you recall, we were the ones who said definitively that the Discovery show Brewmasters was dead.  There were a lot of folks who said we were wrong, but we had it on good authority that the show was done. Now we have it on even better authority.

I just happened to run into Sam Calagione this morning at Eataly in NYC, in (of course) the beer aisle.  He was there to announce that the construction of the Dogfish Head brew pub in Eataly is wrapping up and they’ll be up and brewing in the coming weeks.  It should be open in early June, so mark that on your calendars. He also helped me pick out an Italian beer after I told him about my problem wrapping my head around them.  He suggested a Baladin Nora, which I dutifully purchased.

Sam confirmed that no new footage was going to taped for Brewmasters, and that he hopes the Eataly episode (which has been filmed but not aired) will still air in June when the brewpub is open for business.  I hope so too, because I enjoyed the show and want Dogfish’s venture to be a success.  At any rate, the show is gone and not coming back after that.

But here’s the thing that REALLY kills me – timing is a bitch.  Not two hours after I saw Sam, I was reading Anthony Bourdain’s Twitter feed (@NoRexervations), which  had two powerful and slightly cryptic tweets:

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