Watch out for lime juice or you could get 'Mexican beer dermatitis'

on 20/10/10 at 10:26 am


Beware of the lime slice, if you’re a big fan of Mexican beers or a bartender serving them. That beer and the juice of an accompanying lime could create a potent combination for your skin called “Mexican beer dermatitis.”

Dermatologist Dr. Scott Flugman, of Huntington Hospital in New York, reported in the Archives of Dermatology that a substance in lime juice — if left on the skin and exposed to the sun — can cause the skin to discolor as if you’ve been stung by a jellyfish.

What’s worse: The marks can linger for months.

The condition is often seen in bartenders who work outside, as well as boaters and beachgoers who are using limes in their Mexican beers or mixed drinks.

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