Weird Sport of Beerless Beer Pong

on 15/12/11 at 10:50 am


The World Series of Beer Pong will take place in Las Vegas from January 1-5, 2012. World Series of Beer Pong

If you think that beer pong is solely about alcohol, think again.

In an interview with Beer Pong staff that manage the World Series of Beer Pong Championships, I soon learned that there was a sober version of this game. On top of this shocking sobriety, there are also other weird facts about this table tennis-related sport that will surprise many that overlook it due to its alcohol origins.

Sobriety is in the rules

Contrary to popular belief, there are some great angles to beer pong that do not involve alcohol consumption. For instance, World Series of Beer Pong rules allow for substitution. If carbonated beverages are not your style, consider that many players will opt to consume water instead of alcohol during the event. For example, satellite events broadcast on the air use water. This is also great for anyone that likes to play beer pong that has decided to become part of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Not just for college kids

Are you curious about who is watching and playing at the World Series of Beer Pong Championships? According to beer pong officials, there are the many mothers, aunts, uncles, sisters, girlfriends and fianc├ęs that come out to the event to root for their loved ones. After all, this sport has gone far beyond a drinking game for college kids and has moved on to become one of skill and camaraderie.


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