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What?! World Series Of Beer Pong To Be Played With…WATER?

on 03/12/13 at 10:23 am


beerpongWhat was once thought of as a simple college game has become a beloved, mainstream sport, complete with its own mega, international tournament – The World Series of Beer Pong. The 9th installment of The World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP), presented by BPONG.COM, will be held January 1st-5th at the Flamingo Las Vegas.

The 2014 WSOBP is expected to draw up to 1,000 players from across the United States and over a dozen countries. Cups will be racked, balls will be tossed, and friendships will be tested, all in the name of the largest beer pong competition in the world!

WSOBP rules allow for play with beer, water or another liquid, although for logistical reasons, The WSOBP IX will follow suit with most bars who run tournaments and will play with water in the cups.