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Why Does Beer Smell So Delicious?

on 17/10/14 at 11:06 am


indexScientists have discovered why beer smells so good — and it has nothing to do with us. Beer, that living, breathing elixir, smells the way it smells to appeal to a totally different species.

A pair of Belgian researchers (where else could they be from, right?) has accidentally stumbled on the answer to a question that’s puzzled drunkards for generations: why does this beer smell so good? Like so many scientific advances, this one came when the researchers left some beer out overnight.

The most important ingredient in beer, in the actual creation of the beverage, isn’t hops or malt: it’s yeast, the single-celled fungus that also gives us bread. The yeast eats sugars and farts out both carbon dioxide (to make the beer fizzy) and alcohol (we all know what this does, right?). And it turns out, the yeast is also responsible for that special sweet, almost fruity scent of beer. But why?