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10 Awesome Bourbon Cocktails for New Year’s Eve

on 29/12/13 at 10:33 am

Booze News

index“Most of the time I’m perfectly happy drinking my bourbon on the rocks (or on the whiskey stones).  But sometimes I want to dress it up a bit so I can feel fancy.  Here are ten bourbon cocktails that are perfect for New Year’s Eve.  Some are simple and some are complex, but if ever there were an appropriate time to pull out your A game it would be New Year’s Eve.

1. The Red Rover from There Will Be Bourbon has blood orange soda and ginger, which are a lovely compliment to bourbon.

2. Cherry Bourbon Fizz from Honest Cooking has the perfect balance of sweet and sour.  It might be difficult to find cherries right now, but it would be so worth it.

3. This Bourbon and Champagne cocktail from Bourbon Blog uses vanilla beans to enhance the vanilla flavors from the bourbon’s oak barrels.

4. This Bellini Manhattan from Maker’s Mark pulls out all the stops.  Why not bring your A game on New Year’s Eve?

5. Here’s a Bourbon Ball in drink form from Woodford Reserve.  Chocolate and bourbon belong together.

6. The Toasty Toboggan from Four Roses is full of warm buttery bourbon goodness.

7. This Dark and Bloody Bourbon Mary from Willett is sure to be a great hair-of-the-dog remedy for New Year’s Day.

8. A Kentucky Punch from Old Pogue just sounds festive and fun!

9. The Pama Manhattan recipe from Evan Williams combines two of my favorite things and is really simple to mix.

10. A Kentucky Mule from Kitchenette features ginger beer alongside bourbon and lemon juice.  Simple and delicious!

Honorable mention for all the unique cocktail recipes on Wild Turkey’s website.

Be sure to peruse all of the cocktail recipes on these websites.  You’ll find everything from simple and classic to complex and award-winning.”