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£1bn fake booze scam exposed when vodka distillery explodes

on 15/07/11 at 12:54 pm

Booze News

A VODKA distillery which exploded – killing five men – is suspected of being part of a fake booze industry worth £1billion a year.

A Mirror investigation has revealed international crime gangs are behind the lucrative trade in imitation wines and spirits, which can be poisonous.

David Bolt, of the International Federation of Spirits Producers, said: “There is evidence the counterfeiting of alcohol in the UK is being taken over by organised gangs who set up factories and make it on an industrial scale.”

Fake alcohol can be a cheaper alternative rebottled as a more expensive product, or genuine spirits watered down.

But often it is specially produced bootleg booze which is either shipped in from abroad in lorries or produced in warehouses within the UK.

It is then moved by van and ends up in pubs, clubs and shops around the country. A group of young men in their 20s, believed to be Lithuanians, were regular visitors to the industrial unit which exploded in Boston, Lincs, on Wednesday night.

{FULL STORY via The Mirror}

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