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20 White Dog Whiskies Reviewed

on 16/09/11 at 11:50 am

Booze News

Last year we published a piece entitled “Putting White Dog Down“, a sobering counterpoint to the intense media buzz surrounding this category. Since that point, the category has continued to grow and the offerings in this space have increased exponentially. The category has also become quite muddled with products getting released as white dog, white whiskey, unaged whiskey, new make, straight from the still, white lightening, and perhaps the most controversial, moonshine.

While, at the end of the day, we prefer our whiskey aged, the category has some interesting entries as well as a couple of mangey dogs that should be avoided.

Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey (90 proof) – by far the sweetest and most pleasing of all the unaged whiskey we’ve tried. The nose is bursting with sweet corn and it’s right there in full from the entry through the finish. It’s hard to believe that this unaged whiskey is 90 proof as it’s so beautifully sweet and smooth. This whiskey is almost like if you could bottle corn on the cob with honey over it. By far our favorite un-aged whiskey on the market.

Doubled & Twisted Light Whiskey (99 proof) – this light whiskey isn’t unaged, it’s unoaked, as it’s been stored in stainless steel casks for four years. Made from double hopped, bottle-ready IPA, it’s one of the more interesting light whiskeys we’ve tried. The nose has solid hop notes along with a subtle sweet undertone. The entry is packed with flavor including hop notes that jump right out of the glass. Also, there are the other malty beer notes from the IPA and an undercurrent of sweetness. The hops carry through a very long and delicious finish that leaves you wanting more.

House Spirits White Dog (100 proof) – made from 100% malted barley, it has one of the strongest malt flavors of the unaged whiskeys we’ve tried. The fact that it’s at 100 proof gives it some really nice body and the finish shows off some phenomenal craftsmanship in the quality of distillation. There are enough layers of complexity of flavor with the maltiness, sweetness, light spice, and subtle heat to make this interesting enough to sip straight. It also does very well over ice.


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