4 Must Have Irish Cocktails To Take You Through St. Paddy’s Day

on 14/03/13 at 1:43 pm

Booze News

a1While every Irishman loves a good pint, there are several staples of the Irish liquid diet that need to be enjoyed for any St. Patrick’s Day to be celebrated appropriately.  Below are the most important adult Irish beverages (are there other kinds of Irish beverages?) that must be consumed this Sunday.  Day 2 of our “Irish Celebration” series will associate our top 4 must have Irish cocktails with the appropriate time of day on St. Patty’s Day to enjoy them.

Good Morning- Irish Coffee

It’s 9 am on Sunday.  Last night was fun, but you need to get yourself going for the real deal.  There will be no better way to cure any aches and pains from the night before than a cup of Irish coffee.  Make a pot of hot coffee (or if it’s a day like today, get crazy, make it iced), stir in two shots of your favorite Irish whiskey, a splash of cream, a touch of brown sugar, and you’ll be on your way to take over Southie.

Lunch- Half and Half

Your Irish Coffee got you started, you’re ready to get going, but it’s still early.  Order a Half and Half (referred to as a Black and Tan in the U.S.) from one of your favorite local Irish Bars.  Each bar will have their own take on this drink composed of half pale ale and half dark porter or stout, an oddly delicious combination perfect to enjoy over lunch.