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5 sublime cocktails you can get only in Shanghai

on 16/11/11 at 7:46 pm

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Alchemist's cappuccino-look-alike cocktail

By all means, buy yourself a martini. Or a rum and cola. Or a daiquiri.

But when you’re over the regular, the mundane, the passé, open your mind to these imaginative variations and new mixes to be drunk only in these five Shanghai bars.

They are presented here — in no particular order — and are all equally worthy of your time.

And introduce yourself to the mixologists — they won’t bite, unless you ask nicely.

1. Sunrise in December, Alchemist

Alchemist’s cappuccino-look-alike cocktail is for anyone who fancies tea in a bar.

Price: RMB 78

This is a rare occurrence of bespoke infusion; bartender Chloe You offers you a selection of tea from Taylors of Harrogate and infuses them into Tanqueray gin while you wait.

You then makes up a White Lady-inspired foam with gin, triple sec, egg white, lemon juice and cinnamon syrup, followed by a base of peach brandy, lemon and sugar, to which your customized tea-gin is added.

Uniquely, the cocktail is served in a tea cup, with the foam carefully spooned on top, making the final product look deceptively like a cappuccino.

They even add a shortbread cookie for the full effect.

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