50 Terrific Blogs For The Bartender In All Of Us

on 02/12/10 at 3:20 pm

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A home social gathering hasn’t reached its potential until everyone has been served copious amounts of their favorite drinks from the resident amateur bartender. But if you struggle to recall the ingredients of those potent drinks you concocted in college and now possess substandard drink-making skills, you may need to consult a source or two (or 50) in order to transform yourself into a more capable host. The following blogs provide an abundance of information that will help you create your own Cocktails & Dreams.

Cocktail Recipes, News, Product and Concoction Reviews, and All-Things Mixology

Break out your cocktail glasses and test the products and recipes provided and reviewed by expert mixologists.

  1. Sloshed!: Sloshed! has an entire post dedicated to helping you set up a home bar.
  2. Joe Bartender: Tons of information ranging from low calorie cocktail ideas to a scientific explanation of body shots.
  3. Alcademics: Cocktails and spirits are the specialties of this journalist.
  4. Drink Spirits — Learn, Drink, Repeat: Drink Spirits helps readers “explore the vast world of distilled spirits.”
  5. The Intoxicologist Is In: The Intoxicologist prescribes seasonal recipes and more.
  6. Cocktail Chronicles: So many drinks have been covered by the Cocktail Chronicles that it had to create a comprehensive index.
  7. Everyday Drinking: Entertaining at home and cocktail-making are among the topics covered on Everyday Drinking.
  8. Cocktail Culture: A cocktail enthusiast and PR manager lends her expertise on mixology.
  9. McSology: Mouthwatering pictures accompany the McSologist’s reviews and recipes.
  10. Mixed Spirits: Wannabe bartenders benefit from the author’s extensive research, which has turned up pre-prohibition recipes.

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