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7 Ultimate Destinations for Booze Aficionados

on 13/12/13 at 12:27 pm

Booze News

indexIf you think of drinking as something to be done on your couch or in a dive bar, you’re not a booze aficionado. But if you’re willing to hop on a plane to find out more about your favorite beer, wine or cocktail, you most certainly are. If that’s the case, these seven destinations around the world should all be on your list of places to visit. It make take a few years: They range from Wisconsin to Moscow to Amsterdam to the Swiss Alps. But they’re all worth the trip.

Despite the fact that Moore County, home to Lynchburg, has been a dry county ever since Prohibition, it’s home one of the top destinations for real booze lovers: the Jack Daniel’s Distillery.

The basic tour is mostly outdoors, going from the “Rickyard” where charcoal for mellowing the whiskey comes from, to the limestone cave spring whose water is reserved for making Jack Daniel’s, to the vats in the Barrelhouse, built in 1938. For a nominal fee, you can tour the distillery itself and get a taste of the famous Old No. 7.