8 Best Booze Apps For iPhone & Android

on 16/05/11 at 11:16 am

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As we all know, there’s an app for that. Whether it’s discovering new music, finding the best local eateries, or shooting perturbed poultry with a slingshot towards poorly made architecture, apps have become a way of life for many mobile users. But, let’s be honest, what’s a phone gonna do when we’re looking to get our buzz on. Drinking is too important to leave to chance so check out these apps that can help in ways that a booze addled brain can only dream of.

Beer! (Apple-Android)

Tracks the beers you’re drinking so that, while you may not remember, the app will be able to remind you what you thought of it. You can even take a photo to accompany your thoughts and share those thoughts with an online beer-loving community. That’s social networking at its finest.

{Check out all the apps via Coed Magazine}

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