8 Days of Hanukkah Cocktails

on 01/12/10 at 3:54 pm

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Look up “holiday cocktails” and most of what you will find, understandably enough, is geared toward Christmas—eggnog and glogg and other names that require the entire Scrabble supply of Gs. Not that these drinks have anything to do with the birth of Jesus, but through tradition they have become associated with yuletide celebration.

But why no famous Hanukkah cocktails, I wonder? Is this just one more area where the Jewish festival of lights, which begins this evening, is overshadowed by that other, more elaborate and widely celebrated December holiday?

Don’t get me wrong—I love eggnog and hot chocolate spiked with peppermint schnapps, but they don’t go very well with potato latkes. Hanukkah needs its own distinctive drinks. So whatever the reason for the beverage deficit, I say we remedy it. Here are some contenders, one for each of Hanukkah’s eight nights…

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