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A drink that gets you drunk without the alcohol or hangover

on 19/11/13 at 12:13 pm

Booze News

imagesProfessor David Nutt, a scientist who chaired the Government’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs and was sacked for stating that ecstasy was no worse than alcohol, has this week been on the BBC’s Today programme seeking investment for his work at Imperial College, London, into the development of a substance that replicates the effect of alcohol.

Professor Nutt is working on a prototype for synthetic alcohol. A small liquid shot would give the same lift as a few drinks after work but without the unpleasant side-effects or health issues presented by alcohol. Those enjoying its benefits could then take an antidote before driving home and there would be no hangover or damage to the liver. The synthetic alcohol works on the nerves in the brain which relax people. Instead of getting drunk they stay in a mild state of inebriation.

Nutt says that the substance can have the same pleasant effect as alcohol minus the harm and is suggesting that it could slash Britain’s binge drinking epidemic, which currently costs the NHS £3billion a year, and reduce the number of deaths from alcohol poisoning. He claims it would get rid of liver cirrhosis, stomach ulcers, cardiac problems and a large number of the toxic effects of alcohol.

Professor Nutt reports that he has a partial alternative tested on volunteers but with Government backing and further clinical trials, the first ever synthetic alcohol could be available in three to five years time. He is seeking funding to advance his project as to date the project has been hard to progress. Some people find the whole concept too radical.££ Selling the substance would present its own problems as it would probably have to be classified as a drug and consequently falls foul of the drug laws and alcohol manufacturers would also probably protest and want it banned.