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A Must See Guide to Vegan Cocktails

on 26/10/11 at 1:14 pm

Booze News

They’re a lot more complicated than simply excluding the cream.

Here’s a joke for you: A vegan walks into a bar and orders a Bloody Mary.

It’s funny, but not for the reason you might assume. Think Bloody Marys don’t contain blood? They do — at least on a microscopic level. A key ingredient in Bloody Marys is Worcestershire sauce. And a key ingredient — the key ingredient — in Worcestershire sauce is anchovies.

When Nat Harry became the head mixologist at Revival Bar + Kitchen nearly two years ago, she started getting requests for strictly vegan drinks. This was natural for Downtown Berkeley, and sounded easy at first. Worcestershire sauce, honey, egg whites, and dairy products were obvious exiles. Thus no Bloody Marys, Black Russians, Brandy Alexanders, Grasshoppers, or eggnog. But what else?

“The more you look into this, the more you think: uh oh,” Harry said.

FULL STORY via East Bay Express

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