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A room of my own. Room 31 that is…my secret bar in Eagle Rock

on 19/09/16 at 8:41 am

a woman walks into a bar..., Booze News

marcos-rm-31I could live here in Room 31. The bar is stocked, the room is small and cozy, there are a bunch of tv’s in the adjacent sports bar, The 5 Line Tavern, and nobody can find me, easily, behind the hidden sliding door. A perfect hide-away. And, as it happens, it’s the first craft cocktail bar in Eagle Rock.

Marcos Menendez and Stephanie Mace of the design and cocktail consulting firm, Alchemy & Stone, opened this treasure about three months ago. Since Eagle Rock was a craft cocktail wasteland, Marcos, who lives in the neighborhood, decided to correct that horrible oversight. His mission was to create top-notch cocktails at a price apropos for the neighborhood and, as we have come to expect, he makes all the juices, the syrups, the tinctures, the killer cocktails. The name of the bar riffs off a trolley car theme where all the trolleys’ lost and found went to Room 31. It feels just right because once you’ve found that mysterious door and slide it open, you feel as though you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole to a time and place where stress magically disappears (‘lost’) as though you have meditated all day, to a place that is immediately comforting (‘found’). And the soundtrack is perfect. Have you ever heard early Marvin Gaye cover Frank Sinatra?rm-31-cuke-cocktail

A night I was there, it was quiet as it was quite early – just me and two other women. They were celebrating one of their birthday’s with many, many cocktails. I wasn’t actually counting but the stream of cocktails was pretty impressive. We got to chitchatting when a guy comes in, alone, orders his first shot of the evening. It’s his birthday too! Coincidence! Of course, hilarity, and so much more, ensues as alcohol oiled the machinery. Suffice it to say, the birthday girl generously acknowledged how much she can drink and puts any thoughts you might have about said amount of alcohol to rest with, “I know I’m not an alcoholic because alcoholics go to meetings.” There you have it.

Okay, so Room 31: cocktails are between $10 and $12; there are small $5 bites from the restaurant next door and very good they are, too; the music is kickass; the room is enchanting, intimate and welcoming and Marcos is a perfect host and wonderful bartender.

The place is my own private Idaho.

Room 31
2136 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 677-5151

Closed Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday and Thursday: 6p – 12a
Friday and Saturday: 6p – 2aSunday: 6p – 12a