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“a woman walks into a bar…” at Covell

on 14/03/11 at 5:08 pm

a woman walks into a bar..., Booze News, BoozeBlog

Friday night crazy, staying local, criteria for finding a bar is a parking space. Covell, a hot little wine bar in the ‘hood, qualifies. Whoa, scored parking only 10 blocks away. I need the walk. It’s a beautiful night. Inside, Covell is not what you would call ‘rockin’, but looks more like a muted tableau of Millenials in suspended animation, grouped in 2’s and 4’s, feigning interesting conversation. Hard to tell if they’re having fun. Smokers outside have the relief of nicotine, and at least expend a laugh or two, and a cough. I am the only person here alone. And I might add, the oldest one.

To stay or go seems like a thoughtful choice. But ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ is now my mantra, so I go up to Order Here and get a half pour of a minerally white Loire. Half pour because I’m already considering my exit strategy. Hey, here’s Dustin, the owner of the joint, coming to greet me. Dustin is a charming, good looking host, we chat for a minute and I ask him why people over 40 don’t seem to be out much at bars. He said, oh no, they do, they just come in early…like 5:30 or 6. Oh, gawd, the bar version of the blue plate special.


I look around and find a lonely seat on a bench, watch the idle chatter of the foursome beside me. I catch a phrase or two and conclude it’s not even eavesdrop-worthy. A guy towers over the crowd wearing a huge Russian ushanka (I had to look that up). It’s 75 degrees out. That was it for excitement.

I talk to no one and am seemingly invisible. My one hour rule for staying is quickly morphing into a thought cloud, screaming, Outta here! Ok, I’m done. Waiting to pay for my half pour, two guys yak about some girl one of them can’t decide how to break up with, email, another email, she’s alright but she wasn’t ever super fun in bed, would so much rather hang with the guys. Booor-ring.

I pay. I hold my head up high and walk the gauntlet to the exit, mostly girls who quickly size me up. What’s she doing in here? Is she lost? Ah, youth…what a waste.

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