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“a woman walks into a bar…” but this time it’s a supermarket!

on 18/04/14 at 11:42 am

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imageYou know the old adage about how “a celebrity would go to the opening of an envelope”? Well, it wasn’t quite an envelope but I was invited to the pre-opening of the Sherman Oaks Ralphs supermarket. And there was a pretty good incentive as Ralphs selected several Bloggers, including me, to create posts about the Sherman Oaks Grand Opening and provided me with a $100 Ralphs gift card and a gift bag valued at $30 to thank me for my participation and post. Of course, I went!

Well, this turned out to be a pretty extraordinary sneak peek tour of the brand new Ralphs store described as “Vegas meets grocery”! From the moment you step into the entry way, the architectural features are there to greet you. ceilingRalphs challenge is to make the grocery shopping experience better by being all about fresh and friendly. And that they were. Even workmen just walking by our little group, said hello with a smile.

This Ralphs has a Murray’s Cheese counter which is the 108th mini-Murrays in the Kroger chain and a very welcome addition for cheese lovers who know of Murrays as the legendary cheese purveyors in NYC. There’s an amazing, very extensive kosher section complete with a Rabbi available to, well, keep things kosher and the kosher wine section is a revelation which includes some really fine high end kosher wines.

The beer section…a personal favorite…allows you to mix and match a six pack and get 30% off.  Just as there’s a specialty cheese section, I hope the selection evolves to include more SoCal craft beer breweries which would put the icing on the cake for this very cool store.

beerThey have certainly succeeded in making for a better grocery shopping experience. Hey, with close to 200,000(!) products, if you can’t find it at the Sherman Oaks Ralphs, you probably don’t need it.

Only part of the kosher wine section

Only part of the kosher wine section