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“a woman walks into a bar…” with lovely actor, model Candace Kita

on 06/05/14 at 7:45 am

a woman walks into a bar..., Booze News

The Lovely Candace Kita

woman-barfinal2 I feel like I’m burning in hell. It’s 97 degrees. In the Valley. Hope the air conditioning is going full blast in this place. This place being the Tonga Hut, oldest tiki bar in L.A., born 1958. The storefront couldn’t be more obscure. I open the door. It’s a total black hole. Was the electricity off? What? I hear my name and as my eyes adjust, somewhat, I see a couple of silhouettes at the bar. At least, I think it’s the bar. Lights faintly come into focus as I make my way hoping I don’t trip over something.

Figures emerge from the silhouettes and I see it’s Candace and her partner, Doug Jeffery, already posted on bar stools. He’s drinking red wine (it’s a TIKI BAR!) and Candace is set up with a pretty, very sweet, pink tiki drink, umbrella and all, of course. I order one of the happy hour cocktail specials, trying to avoid sweet which is almost impossible in a tiki bar.

Candace has been a Wilhelmina model, done a ton of tv, feature work, and – BIG PROPS here – holds the distinction that one of her characters, a frantic stewardess in a music video, was spoofed by MTV‘s Beavis and Butthead in the episode “Womyn“. I would totally kill for that on my résumé. And, O M G, she is also friends with Kato Kaelin! The skinny on Kato according to Candace: “Kato is the nicest guy. He brightens a room whenever he walks in, he is the kindest, warmest person, gives 100%!” Who knew?!


We pay our respects to the goddess of Velvet Tiki Art

We settle in and schmooze about being an actor for the long term, not chasing fame for fame’s sake, and loving the ‘work’. “It’s not about fame. You won’t last if that’s just what you’re in it for.” That attitude keeps her firmly grounded while having to compete against show biz crazies and, being a beautiful woman in Hollywood, has its treacherous side. Candace was stalked for 9 years. That’s a very long time to always be watching your back. Finally, with the help of the LAPD Threat Management Unit (TMU), the stalker took a 2 year plea bargain and Candace got a 2 year restraining order. Fortunately, so far, he has stayed away. Apparently, stalking is a huge issue for all women but this particular unit is just for people in the entertainment industry…it’s that bad. And it’s good to hear someone give high praise to the LAPD for their work.

As a result of that experience, Candace had a weekly radio program, Hottie Help with Candace Kita, discussing women’s safety issues with celebrity guests. She wrote The Hottie Handbook: A Girl’s Guide to Safety, a safety primer for women of all ages. Topics include: travel safety, dorm room safety, campus safety, dating, work place safety, among others. She advises that even little things, like not sitting alone in your car going through your email, getting your keys ready before you go to your car so you don’t have to spend time fumbling for them, are essential tips for keeping yourself safe. Get the handbook for in-depth view of the issue. Candace has a full plate of work ahead and also writes about lifestyle stuff for Viva Glam magazine.


Candace and Doug

Candace’s boyfriend, Doug, is launching a wine brand, Hollywood & Wine, in the coming months. I got a preview of the labels and graphics that are awesomely eyecatchingly fabulous. Fun fact about Doug: he toured the world as a Chippendale’s MC in the late ’80’s! Oh the stories he could tell! You’re up at the bar next, Doug!

The hours slip by and it’s time to go. Coming from the deep dark depths of a tiki cave, we open the door and are shocked by the blast of light back to the real world. It’s been a pleasure, Candace!

12808 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606
(818) 769-0708

Awesome Hollywood & Wine labels

Fab Hollywood & Wine labels