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“a woman walks into a bar…” with Mary Milliken, kickass Reuters journalist

on 22/11/13 at 1:05 pm

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Here’s a prescription to liberate yourself from boring people. Find yourself a journalist who has been all over the fucking globe covering emerging markets in South America and Southern Europe and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a stellar evening that also, sadly, highlights how circumscribed your own little life has been. Not really really, but you know what I mean. unnamed

To fill my selfie prescription, I got together with my pal, Mary Milliken, who is now, get this, the Reuters Entertainment & Lifestyle Editor, Americas (from her biz card) and gets to interview every show biz hot shot and hit the red carpet for every premier premiere. Why just that day, Mary interviewed Alexander Payne, One on One. Yes, she’s got street cred. Certifiably, there IS something about Mary.

And just the night before, Mary wore her slinky green dress with punked-out boots (obviously not the picture to the right but Mary at some other hotsy-totsy premiere), to the premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire at the Nokia Theater; and, fun or irritating fact, no one was allowed to bring their cellphones in to dinner. “Couldn’t someone sneak it in and text under the table?” I asked. “No, they did an infrared search, just in case.” WOW. That’s so Hunger Gamey.

We meet up at Perch, the rooftop bar that overlooks all of downtown, and order up a couple of cocktails that go by names like Lolita, The Last Word and, appropriately, Writer’s Block. And very good they are, too. Max, the bartender, tells us the 8th floor is haunted because the elevator will often stop there for no reason at all. It is an old building and who knows what went on there. In any case, there’s always the stairs. The guys beside us are recent BAR exam takers waiting for their results so drinking it up now.the perch

Of course, there’s a slight clarification about Mary’s last name as she’s introduced…”not Milken, it’s Milliken.” Not to be confused with Michael Milken, junk bond king though often confused with Mary Sue Milliken (of Border Grill fame) so Mary, happily, often gets the best tables at restaurants. Hope I haven’t blown her cover.

So, we chat on about where Mary has lived, loved and laughed. Whoa! Portugal. Spain. Argentina, Washington DC bureau chief, Brazil – senior correspondent, news editor for Reuters, learned Portuguese, lived in Sao Paulo for many years. And, as you can imagine, many fantastic stories to boot but we’ll save those for Mary’s memoir.  However, I get a course in Brazilian bikinis 101. They really aren’t the teeny tiny things you see on the beaches in the U.S. They cover more of the bum, “No, they really don’t wear thongs that much.” I ask, “In Ipanema though, they must?” “Well, maybe Ipanema…” Look up Lenny Niemeyer Mary tells me. She’s famous for Brazilian bikinis and luxury swimwear. I ask Mary to draw me a picture of the different ways American and Brazilian bikini bottoms cover bums…bikini

Which somehow brought us to potty training. Go figure. Some friends were visiting Mary and her handsome (for real) husband, Rod, and the couple were entirely focused on potty training their daughter, barely stepping two feet away from the loo, just in case. So much for grownup conversation. Well, potty training brings us to our senses and two cocktails later – we decide to forgo a third – and call it a night but not before we check out Perch’s top outdoor deck replete with fireplaces, couches, another bar and a stunning view. Great way to say g’night to the city and we decide to definitely come back for drinks another day.


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