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“a woman walks into a bar…” with radio superstar, John Rabe: Part Deux

on 16/12/13 at 1:14 pm

a woman walks into a bar..., Booze News

woman-barfinal2Picking up where we left off leaving Sonny’s Hideaway and after several top-drawer drinks, once again, we pile into John’s boat-long Mercedes and float over to Colombo’s in Eagle Rock, about a 2 minute ride. You gotta love Colombo’s which calls itself an ‘Italian Steakhouse & Jazz Club’. What it doesn’t say is that it is probably one of the last old-school joints where you feel like you’ve dropped into 1970 what with the red vinyl booths and decor that likely hasn’t changed much since it opened in ’54. The ‘jazz club’ is a stretch but there is often a surprisingly good combo playing in the dining room. Lyrical trumpeter and funnyman, Jack Sheldon had a regular gig there just a couple of years ago.

Walking into the bar, again everyone knows John and Julian. It’s their second home. We grab some stools at the far end of the bar. Julie, the kickass bartender who can really sing and sits in with the band on occasion, confabs with John about his drink, a Sidecar. I order a Manhattan, on watery rocks to keep me from falling off my stool. A lot of booze has been cheerily consumed.John at Columbo's

There are two tv’s above the bar and, lo and behold, they have two different things playing. Usually, tv’s in bars are all showing the same thing, so kudos to Colombo’s and extra points are awarded for offering a choice! The Michigan game is playing on the far tv and Wheel of Fortune – a show I have never actually seen but heard about for, like, forever is on right above our heads. “Vanna’s looking her age…” opines John but “…it looks good on her.” We guess a few letters, lots of ‘e’s’, and we order some much needed food. Meanwhile, John chats up some Latinas, here for a ladies night out, and has them laughing in no time with his pigeon Spanish but they practically fall off their stools (an occupational hazard) when Julian starts performing the Charo skit from The Carol Burnett Show – “I can’s stop Chaking!” The food appears and we gobble it up. John has some sort of lasagna rolls, an interesting presentation.


Ok, here is where it gets fuzzy. Did we have another drink? Possibly. My notes seem to have dissolved into incomprehensible hieroglyphics and I have no idea what we talked about until this happened…John downnotice women at the end of the bar happily oblivious…

No, don’t worry…not as bad as it looks and Julian took over the driving. We wrap it up and go merrily on our way into the night after another supremely fun time with radio superstar host, JOHN RABE!!!!



Colombo’s Italian Steakhouse & Jazz Club

1833 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 254-9138