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Ach. High Levels of Arsenic Found in Some German beers

on 08/04/13 at 2:14 pm

Booze News

imagesHigh levels of arsenic have been detected in some German beers and are believed to come from a filtering material widely used in food production, said a report released Sunday.

The report did not name specific brands, but said the arsenic levels in 140 samples of beers sold in Germany are above the 10 microgram per liter threshold for drinking water.

The element entered the beverage during the filtration process, said authors of the report, released here at a national meeting of the American Chemical Society.

“When arsenic level in beer is higher than in the water used during brewing, this excess arsenic must come from other sources,” said Mehmet Coelhan from the Munich Technical University. “We analyzed all materials, including the malt and the hops used during brewing for the presence of arsenic.”

The researchers found that the arsenic came from a filtering material called kieselguhr, or diatomaceous earth, used to remove yeast, hops and other particles and give the beer a crystal clear appearance.