Aerial Performers as Flying Bartenders. Want your drink upsidedown?

on 28/09/10 at 3:01 pm

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With its late hours, cranky customers and poor tips, bartending is one of the more challenging nightlife professions. To make it even harder, Cirque USA, an Orlando, Fla., company, founded “aerial bartending” in 2004. They train aerial performers—trapeze, bungee and ring artists—to prepare cocktails high above the ground, and send them to clubs, casinos and private parties around the nation.

Niekko Chin, the creative director and chief executive officer of Cirque USA explained the art form.

“A few years ago, one of my friends said, ‘You know what would be really cool? If one of your aerialists poured me a shot upside down.’ That’s how I came up with it. He was right. Everyone is really shocked and amazed.”

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