Alcohol Companies Holding Back On Discounts For Holiday Season

on 22/11/10 at 12:02 pm

Booze News

Happy hour might be more expensive this holiday season, as makers and importers of wine and spirits plan to rely less on discounts to score big sales this holiday season.

Exact figures for 2009 price cuts were unavailable, but analysts say price-based promotions made a serious dent in bottom lines. While beverage companies won’t be slashing prices quite as savagely this time, saying consumers are showing more interest in premium products, they still need to push their wares hard in a key selling season.

“The consumer climate feels a bit better than it did last year, but obviously nobody’s out of the woods,” said Kris Sirchio, chief marketing officer at Brown-Forman Corp. (BFB), maker of Southern Comfort and Jack Daniels.

{Full story via WSJ}

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