Alcohol is more appealing when loud music is playing, claims new research

on 15/12/11 at 10:43 am

Booze News

Alcohol tastes sweeter when loud music is playing – which may be why we drink more in clubs, a study has found.

The finding has ‘implications for bars, the drinks industry and local authorities’, said psychologist Dr Lorenzo Stafford who carried out the unique research.

‘Since humans have an innate  preference for sweetness, these findings offer a plausible explanation as to why people consume more alcohol in noisy  environments,’ he added.

Dr Stafford’s research supported earlier studies that suggested people drank more alcohol, and at a faster rate, if loud music was playing.

In the new study 80 regular drinkers aged between 18 and 28 had to rate tipples, varying in alcohol content, on the basis of strength, sweetness and bitterness.

The test group of 69 women and 11 men were subjected to one of four levels of  distraction – the highest being listening to club music while reading a news report.

‘It appears that our primary sense of taste is somewhat immune to very distracting conditions but is indeed influenced by music alone,’ said Dr Stafford of the University of Portsmouth.

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