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Americans Are Drinking More Booze, Less Milk & Juice

on 11/01/13 at 1:53 pm

Booze News

imagesMaybe it’s the economy, or the current state of politics, or our recent boy band resurgence—but for whatever reason, Americans are putting down the milk and picking up the wine glass. Consumption of milk, soda and juice has dropped since 2001, while consumption of alcohol has increased. Market Watch broke down our libationary habits. Milk, for instance, might be suffering from its rising price point:

Americans drink 30% less of the white stuff than they did in 1975, the Wall Street Journal reported last month — a shift that makes it clear how quickly tastes can change from one generation to the next. Children, traditionally a big market for dairy, account for a smaller percentage of the population than they used to. Plus, milk has become increasingly expensive.

Bottled water, tea and powdered drinks are down, too. Powdered drinks might have lost their appeal recently…