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America’s Drunkest Cities of 2011, From Las Vegas to Boston

on 28/12/11 at 4:12 pm

Booze News

’Tis the season to throw back a few—eggnog for the holidays, hot toddies for the chill air, and Champagne for the New Year’s festivities. But for some urbanites, every season is drinking season. Certain cities, like Milwaukee, have a strong beer-brewing industry. Others may just have a thriving bar culture.

To compile the second annual list of the “drunkest” cities in the U.S., The Daily Beast first analyzed data from Experian Simmons, a leading market-research firm, which provided data on the average number of alcoholic drinks per month the residents of more than 200 cities across the country reported to have consumed in a survey from earlier this year. As well, we considered the percent of the population that are either binge drinkers or heavy drinkers for each metro area, according to the most recent data available from the Centers for Disease Control. The average number of drinks was given twice the weight of the heavy- and binge-drinking population for the final rank.


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