Amid Kentucky bourbon boom, Heaven Hill plans Louisville attraction

on 27/04/12 at 7:12 am

Booze News

The country’s largest family-owned distilled spirits company hopes to draw thousands of tourists to a small distillery it’s opening in a stretch of downtown Louisville once known as “Whiskey Row,” close to the site where the namesake of its popular Evan Williams bourbon once set up a whiskey still nearly 230 years ago.

In a sign of the ongoing resurgence of bourbon in the Bluegrass state, Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc. on Thursday announced a $9.5 million renovation of a downtown building it owns.

“It brings together a lot of important economic development, tourism and historical forces,” Heaven Hill Executive Vice President Harry Shapira said at the announcement that drew a bevy of local and state leaders.

The attraction, complete with a five-story-high Evan Williams bottle towering over the lobby, will immerse visitors in the whiskey-making process. It will feature an artisanal pot still distillery capable of producing a range of American whiskeys. Exhibits will trace Kentucky’s long whiskey-making tradition all the way back to 1783, when Welsh immigrant Evan Williams set up a distillery almost directly across the street from where the new attraction will be located.


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