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ATTN BARTENDERS: Teen loses stomach after liquid nitrogen cocktail

on 08/10/12 at 10:49 am

Booze News

Ms. Scanlon started to feel breathless after trying the Nitro Jagermeister drink at Oscar’s wine bar while out celebrating her 18th birthday with friends in Lancaster on Thursday night.

She was later taken to hospital with stomach pain where doctors diagnosed her with a perforated stomach and were forced to remove the entire organ.

As Ms Scanlon lies in a serious but stable condition at Lancaster Royal Infirmary, a young councillor and licensing chief from the same area has admitted that he also tried the drink and has called for it to be investigated.

Paul Aitchison, chairman of Lancaster City Council’s Licensing Act Committee, said that after hearing about the incident he was shocked to realise he had once tried the beverage himself.

‘It was quite scary to think that it could have possibly happened to me,’ he said.

‘I thought it sounded interesting, that’s probably one of the draws.

‘You assume the drinks served in licensed premises will be safe.

‘I didn’t have an adverse reaction to it. Unfortunately Gaby has and my heart goes out to her and I hope that she gets better.’

Mr Aitchison said the issue will be discussed by the committee and calling for a wider debate on it, adding: ‘I am sure they are allowed to sell the drink.

‘I am pretty sure that there will now be a national debate on the safety of liquid nitrogen.’

Oscar’s wine bar has been banned from selling drinks that contain the chemical while police investigate the incident.