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Banned Caffeinated Alcoholic Drinks Now Used For Ethanol

on 11/01/11 at 11:00 am

Booze News

Sparks. Tilt. Joose. Four Loko. Liquid Charge. Torque. These drinks may sound fun, but they’ve all been discontinued. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration called the caffeine added to these alcoholic beverages an “unsafe food additive” and issued letters of warning to four manufacturers in November.

In response, manufacturers pulled their beverages from shelves to reformulate them without caffeine and other stimulants or dispose of them completely.

The caffeinated alcoholic beverages that once promised to fuel you will now become fuel.

Instead of landfilling or incinerating the thousands of cases that already exist, three ethanol recycling facilities in the U.S. have begun to turn the alcohol contained in the drinks into ethanol. Most varieties contain up to 12 percent alcohol, the amount of about four beers.

“To get an idea of how much actual ethanol is made, it is pretty simple math,” said Craig Potter, spokesperson for MXI Environmental Services. “Each can is 23.5 ounces and is 12 percent alcohol. So each can makes about 2.8 ounces of ethanol, or about 33 ounces per case. To give you an idea in gallons, we get a little more than a gallon out of every four cases.”

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