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Bartenders Discover Weed Cocktails. Uh, Not What You Think.

on 01/06/12 at 9:11 am

Booze News

In a garden, weeds are the enemy–pesky, plant-choking invaders that are anything but wanted. Yes, that kind of weed. Beloved by enterprising cooks, these bitter greens can also add depth and herbaceous notes to spring cocktails.

“I have fallen in nettles before when I was kid, and that is one thing you do not want to fall into,” says Brian Means, bar manager at the innovative Fifth Floor restaurant in San Francisco’s Hotel Palomar. As a child, he spent time at his family’s cabin on the Russian River in Northern California, where the stinging weed is abundant. While the plant has little hairs that irritate the skin, it’s delicious when cooked (especially on pizza). Means uses it to make a complex cordial syrup for his floral 9 Herb Charm, combining strawberry-infused tequila, St. Germain Elderflower and lemon juice.

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