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Beer-swilling bride sparks controversy in New Zealand

on 17/05/12 at 6:57 am

Booze News


A front-page photo showing a contestant in a Bride of the Year competition taking a swig of beer has sparked controversy in New Zealand.

Katrina Hayman, a pig midwife, was snapped by the Taranaki Daily News as 34 women relived their big day for the event.

“At your wedding you’re relaxed because you have your family and friends around for support but in the competition you are sort of all by yourself,” Hayman told the newspaper. “It was quite stressful. That’s why I was drinking a beer.”

The photograph provoked debate online, with the image being branded “disgusting” by one critic. The contest’s organizers also demanded an apology from the newspaper.

‘I just felt more comfortable’
Hayman, who married in March, said she loved the photo and didn’t understand the controversy. She added that no-one would have passed judgment if she had been spotted sipping a glass of wine.