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Best Cocktail App

on 31/08/11 at 8:01 am

Booze News

Based on designer Konstantin Datz’s celebrated¬†Cocktails poster, The Cocktail App is the most sophisticated mixologist solution in the App Store, stirring together a seamless UI and crisp, elegant graphics that raise the bar for all bartender resources. The Cocktail App is first and foremost about simplicity: Its instructional menu sticks to the fundamentals, with 38 popular drink recipes spanning from A (Alexander) to Z (Zombie) as well as 47 different ingredients, both alcoholic and otherwise. All cocktails are represented with beautifully illustrated icons that portray an idealized version of each drink, while a series of colored droplets signify each individual ingredient. The common-sense approach extends to the instructional details, with each recipe presented in language that’s clear and precise.

But The Cocktail App isn’t only a crash course in mixing drinks. It also makes the most of iOS touchscreen interactivity, enabling users to easily filter drink possibilities according to the ingredients at their disposal. In addition, the app supplies one-touch access to historical information and trivia on each cocktail and ingredient. Given that The Cocktail App appears to be more about aesthetics and design than delivering a truly encyclopedic bartender’s guide, it’s unclear whether future updates will introduce additional drink recipes; there’s a fine line between completeness and clutter, after all, and in this particular case, less definitely feels like more. The genius of The Cocktail App is that it brings new clarity to boozing–an activity that’s all about dulling the senses.


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